Monday, March 19, 2007

What do you think about the 8 point deep ecology platform?

I think these principles are right on. It felt to me as if Mother Earth were speaking them herself. It reminded me of the saying, "we belong to the earth; the earth does not belong to us." We treat the planet as if it's here to serve our purposes and as if its resources are inexhaustible. Non-human life deserves the same respect as human life, and our social, political, and economic policies must reflect this.
I love the 8th principle--that those who subscribe to the platform have an obligation to implement the necessary changes. I think we all struggle with being in integrity with our beliefs, and I'm glad to see that this movement is calling us to 'walk our talk.' I wasn't familiar with the deep ecology movement before reading the articles for this week. I think I'll check them out. Seems like the people involved are modern-day planet savers. . . .

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