Monday, March 12, 2007

How do you feel about WM approaches to HIV/AIDS?

As I experienced in our recent discussion of cancer, Western Medicine has an advanced cellular and mechanical understanding of HIV/AIDS. It's amazing how much has been discovered about the disease in the past two decades. I greatly appreciate how hard WM researchers have been working to acquire knowledge of and treatments for the AIDS epidemic. At the same time, I think much more energy and money need to go towards developing psycho-social approaches to the disease. Prevention, particularly education, is key with eradicating AIDS. We need to get our efforts behind providing resources to the severely afflicted countries (i.e. Africa). No one should be denied treatment because of money. And I think more emotional and financial support should be given to those suffering with AIDS. I read recently that children are becoming orphans at a staggering rate, namely in Africa, because parents are dying so quickly of AIDS. This global social issue cannot be ignored! I would like to see WM and TCM come together and target AIDS. With both systems providing support for one another, the potential is limitless.

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