Monday, March 12, 2007

Can TCM strengthen our immune systems?

Absolutely! Astragalus, for example, is an herb that boosts immunity. The acupuncture point ST 36 seems to go straight to the immune system and improve its functioning. Tui na stimulates the immune system and there are many great Qi Kung exercises that address immunity. For me, eating in accordance with TCM dietary therapy keeps my immune system strong. TCM has a very strong grasp on disease prevention and has established the major role of our immune systems/wei qi in doing so. I am living proof that TCM can strengthen immunity. Before I came to TCM, I was constantly battling illnesses. But over the past three years since I've been getting regular acupuncture treatments, eating well, taking herbs, and doing qi kung, I've been sick once (!!!!). I would recommend TCM to anyone who has depressed immunity.

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